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At Paradise Pointe, we are leaving no stone unturned to ensure our residents’ safety, comfort, and health. One such measure is using a state-of-the-art technology called CarePredict that has proven to reduce hospitalizations and falls in senior living communities. CarePredict’s AI-Powered digital health platform uses a smart wearable, Tempo™, specially designed for seniors, to autonomously learn the daily activity behavior of each resident. When there is a deviation from their normal activity patterns, the system alerts us on a wide range of potential concerns such as UTIs, depression, and falls. Along with daily direct observation by our care staff, this information gives our staff another way to stay in touch with the evolving care needs of your loved one.

Tempo™ Features
  • Call button
  • Two-way voice
  • Electronic door entry
  • Precise indoor location
  • Communications
  • Health insights

39% Reduced Hospitalizations

Changes in a senior’s activity and behavior are known to precede health declines. We use CarePredict to identify residents who could have an increased probability of health decline allowing us to intervene earlier. Residents who show a deviation from their normal activity patterns can be referred to a provider for diagnosis and treatment, thus preventing a visit to the ER and hospitalization. In communities, the use of CarePredict’s AI-powered insights has reduced hospitalizations by 39%.

67% Increased Length of Stay

Timely interventions prevent unplanned hospitalizations and injuries and delay the need for a resident to move to a higher level of care. In peer-reviewed and published studies, CarePredict’s system prolonged the resident’s length of stay in the existing level of care by 67%.

69% Fewer Falls

Similarly, changes such as sleeping less, frequently getting out of bed at night, skipping meals, and reduced activity levels are used to flag residents at an increased risk of falls. Communities have seen a significant 69% reduction in their annual fall rate with CarePredict.

37% Faster Staff Response

CarePredict is a remarkable tool for staff to enhance collaboration and provide prompt care. Residents can get the attention of our staff by pressing a button on the Tempo and communicate directly with the caregiver through their wrist-worn wearable. Real-time location insights allow staff to reach residents faster. The system automatically documents how much time each staff spends with each resident so you can rest assured that your loved one is getting the highest quality of care. The use of CarePredict has improved staff response time by 37%.

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